No mention of Hindus in the US Proclamation on Religious Freedom 2024

“The recent “Proclamation on Religious Freedom, 2024” by President Biden lacks any mention of Hindus.

No mention of Hindus in the US Proclamation on Religious Freedom 2024

Even as Bharat has just witnessed the historic Ram Mandir Pran Prathishtha ceremony in what can be regarded as the first example of the culmination of a peaceful socio-political and legal movement to reclaim a country’s cultural and civilizational spaces from the clutches of colonization, Hindus continue to be harassed and intimidated worldwide. Temple attacks in the west are on an alarming rise.

According to various media reports, 6 temples have been attacked in the US state of California over the past 2 weeks. According to a recent news report published by NDTV, Ritesh Tandon, the Democratic candidate running for elections to the US House to represent California’s 17th Congressional district called out Californian senator Aisha Wahib alleging inaction after the spate of temple attacks in California.

CA State Senator Ritesh Tandon has also posted on X in this regard. “In the last two weeks, six Indian temples have been vandalized, five of which are in Wahab District. There has been no response from Senator Aisha Wahab. Today, we held a protest rally in front of Senator Wahab’s office, seeking a meeting with her or her staff. Unfortunately, despite it being within office hours on a working day, the office was closed. This situation highlights the use of your tax dollars and suggests it might be time to consider a recall”, he says.

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